Nawaz Sharif

LONDON: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday affirmed that Panama Papers do not feature his name as owner of offshore companies. He underscored need for an independent commission for investigation, Samaa reported.

The PM said this while speaking to reporters in London before leaving for Pakistan. The PM stayed for a week in London where he underwent heart checkup.

“Thank God, I had my checkup, I’m all right now and leaving for Pakistan,” the PM said while replying to a question about his health.

Regarding possibility of an inquiry commission under Chief Justice of Pakistan, he said the Supreme Court has already clarified that it’s not possible.

“The commission will surely be formed, and I’m in favour of it and hope that this issue will be resolved soon, but what to do with those immature politicians who had even refused judgment of rigging commission in the past,” the PM said.

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